Don't panic, it's organic!
Alternative Patient's Cooperative
953 Mission Street, Suite #108
San Francisco, CA   94103
(415) 618-0680
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(welcome) Welcome to Alternative Patient Cooperative, a San Francisco organic medical marijuana dispensary. Check out our history, FAQs, or directions pages. Current organic cannabis patients may want to visit our online menu. Check out our current hours to make sure we are here when you need us. Questions, comments? Please contact us.

Don't panic, it's organic!


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New Flavors for our THC Lozenges

We know how much our faithful Lozenge buyers were in need of a new flavor so we created 3 new flavors and more to come in the future.

So try our NEW Lemon, Cherry and Cinnamon today!

Click here for more information on our Lozenges.

Summer Hours

WHEREIS /images/news19.jpg As the days get longer, patients need for a wider range of hours, and an organic selection of medicine increases, we have decided to offer our patients new summer hours. We are now open from 11:00 AM to 7:30 PM Monday thru Saturday. So come and check out our latest selections of 100% organic medicine.



We have catalogued all organic and non-organic buds for your viewing and convenience, however, in this market it is difficult to ensure availability of catalogued organic buds. We are subject to stock at hand but we will always do our best to find the best organic alternative.